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Brain Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Thu Sep 30 10:31:15 EST 1993

IBELGAUFTS at de.mpg.biochem.vms wrote:
: dear netters,
: now what is the best available (commercial) macintosh programme for drawing plasmids. I would need a programme that generates files which can be imported into freehand or Canvas and which can then be UNgrouped for further editing.
: Any suggestions welcome. I will summarise.
: thanks very much
: Horst Ibelgaufts

	Try the Gene Construction Kit from:

 27 Gilson Road
 West Lebanon, NH USA 03784

 (603) 643-1471 Voice/FAX

        It not only does great plasmid maps, but also keeps track of the
sequences of the plasmids.  A demo version can be downloaded from a number
of sites including the IUBIO archives.

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