Entrez:Sequences HELP !!!!!!

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Subject: RE: Entrez:Sequences HELP !!!!!!
:        I know that this point has already been raised: how by the hell can I
:get the Entrez:Sequences/Medline CD-ROMs ??
:        When I asked NCBI for infos some time ago, I got an immediate
:response, as usual with these pretty efficient people. I was directed to
:some "Government Printing Office". I sent them an order form, I received
:back a form to fill, which I filled and sent back. This was on april 26th...
:       Since then, NOTHING.
:        Is this because I sent an order form from my institution, which
:means that no money was sent? (as usual with the administration, they
:will pay only after the stuff has been delivered)
:        Should I order Entrez:Sequences and pay with my own Visa Card, in
:which case I shall not be reimbursed? It's not that I am a Shylock, but I'm
:somewhat reluctant to pay for being able to work ....
Dear Jean-Loup,
Ask SWETS & ZEITLINGER GmbH for a proforma invoice for a one year subscription
and your administration may be willing to pay that. This was the only way how
I could get the Government Printing Office to send Entrez. Their fax is
+49 69-631-4216.
Good luck,
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