Bookends reference manager input formats?

Brain Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Thu Sep 30 10:56:03 EST 1993

I'm not sure how many of you use BOOKENDS to keep track of your
references, but even if you don't perhaps you can help.

BOOKENDS and other reference manager programs require you to input your
references in specific formats, unless you want tot type them in by hand. 
Most of them accept the MedLine output as input into their database.

I am now using ENTREZ and although it uses MedLine, it does not give me an
output that is compatible with BOOKENDS for input.

I could write a small program to convert the ENTREZ output to the format
output by MedLine, but if someone else has already done this, please save
me the trouble.

What I am doing is using ENTREZ to find articles relevent to the gene I
study.  I then use BOOKENDS to create a database of these articles in
which I can add my own keywords and information.  MedLine and ENTREZ have
their own standards for keywords that do not include some of the things I
need to keep track of who discovered what about my gene.

I like to add a few notes to the end of each abstract that remind me how
each paper relates to my own research on this gene.  I also like the way
BOOKENDS keeps track which file drawer I have stored my xeroxed copy of
the article.

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