electrophysiology software for Mac.

Wayne Rasband wayne at zippy.nimh.nih.gov
Wed Sep 29 09:18:13 EST 1993

In article <ytony-220993132719 at med-pharm5.bu.edu>, ytony at acs.bu.edu (Yan
Tony Lee) wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am an electrophysiologist who uses an old program called pCLAMP to do
> my
> recordings and anyalysis of them.  The software is slow, user-hostile, and
> very difficult to use.  Not only that the software stinks, but we use these
> very old IBM-compatibles (286).  Howeverm we do have these really cool Macs
> that could 
> possibly make things better.  Does anybody have any electrophysiology
> software they could recommend that are made for the Mac?  
>     Also, I am trying to transfer my recordings from my old IBMs to the
> Macs.  Is there any public-domain software that allows me to do that?

Two Mac electrophysiology packages I know of are NDAP from Synergistic
Research Systems (301-942-6601) and Pulse Control V3.0, a set Igor XOPs
from the University of Miami (rb at chroma.med.miami.edu). Both packages
use the Instrutech (516-352-3380) ITC-16 data acquisition board.


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