Entrez:Sequences HELP !!!!!!

Martin Leach leach at mbcrr.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 29 12:54:35 EST 1993

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>         Dear netters,
>         I know that this point has already been raised: how by the hell can I
> get the Entrez:Sequences/Medline CD-ROMs ??

Dear Netter,

I receive the NCBI news letter and have found out that there is a
beta-version of a program called Nentrez available by anonymous FTP at
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (

This is a public program that accesses GenBank, EMBL, DDBJ, PIR,
SWISS-PROT, PRF, PDB and a molecular sequence-related subset of MEDLINE for
bibliographic information.

I've used this and it is smegging great.

To use this program you have to register the program - as told in the

It costs nothing to register and gives you access to all the info you would
have to get from those expensive cd-roms.

Bug reports, questions, and comments about the program should be sent to
the address: net-info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

This is an excellent program and congratulate the nih on making it a public

Martin Leach.

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