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Francis Ouellette francis at AZALEA.NLM.NIH.GOV
Tue Sep 28 18:36:14 EST 1993

Jean-Loup Risler (risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr) writes:

>         When I asked NCBI for infos some time ago, I got an immediate
> response, as usual with these pretty efficient people. I was directed to
> some "Government Printing Office". I sent them an order form, I received
> back a form to fill, which I filled and sent back. This was on april 26th...
>         Since then, NOTHING.

from the ncbi news-letter:

CD-ROM orders [Superintendent of Documents (U.S. Government Printing Office)]

To _check_ on orders (different than from placing orders):

Phone: (202) 783-3238
FAX:   (202) 512-2168

Hope this helps, and let us know if it doesn't.   If you want to get the NCBI 
news-letter (free of charge) send an email message with your surface mail 
address to:

info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov



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