Use of Eudora

Ralph M. Deal deal at HOBBES.KZOO.EDU
Sun Sep 26 20:11:29 EST 1993

I tried sending this message directly to  Filippo Geuna at the
University of Milano (Italy) but the return address
geuna at imiucca.csi.unimi.it was not recognized from my site.  Hence I am
sending it back to the whole group.  Sorry about that.
> I am looking for a piece of software for the Mac that allows retrieving 
> and displaying e-mail messages stored in sequential files like those 
> generated by the elm program under Unix.
> I usually store all the relevant messages under such files using the "save"
> option of the elm program, then I transfer them from the Unix machine
> to my local Mac over a serial connection. Once on the Mac I would like to 
> browse and display old messages in the same way I do using the program
> under Unix. 

I do that regularly

> Are programs like Eudora suitable for that? If not, does anybody know 
> whether other programs are available?

I use Eudora which works quite well.  You want to store the downloaded
elm file in the same folder as Eudora (in the system folder).  You CAN
read mail with the arrangement I have to our UNIX system but I have
gotten in trouble doing so & I prefer to do the Mac work locally.

Hope this helps,

	Ralph M. Deal,  Chemistry Dept, Kalamazoo College,
	Kalamazoo, MI 49006  USA

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