.....cpt.hqx.gz ??

Geoff Brunkhorst brunkhorst at mayo.edu
Thu Sep 23 15:16:59 EST 1993

In article <cupton-230993062600 at hermes.bioc.uvic.ca> cupton at sol.uvic.ca (Chris  
Upton) writes:
> Oh, one other question....  the one in the subject line. I was hunting down
> a sound player for the mac (suggested for use with Mosaic) and found
> ulaw1.4.cpt.hqx.gz    I know what the X.cpt.hqx   is but I've never come
> across X.gz before.  Any ideas?

Gnu-zip (Gzip).  Available at most ftp sites near you ;-)
Since I am on a NeXT, I got it with a freeware package called
Opener3.1.1.  Here is the reference in Opener:

	gzip + gnuzip v1.2.3 6-17-93

I think the original proposed output from gzip was .z, but that
conflicted with an old unix utility pack.  Hence the .gz.



- Geoff
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