Need data processing/plotting tool for SGI with flexible input handling

Harry Mangalam mangalam at UCI.EDU
Fri Sep 24 12:12:48 EST 1993

>Dear Netters,
>I need very urgently a cheap ( << 200$ ) or 'free' data processing/plotting
>(or failing that a shellscript, perl-script, awk-program, ...)
>for SGI (IRIX 4.0.5)
>(or failing that, MAC Quadra)
>which is very flexible in its input processing.

Try Irisplot, the GL-ized version of gnuplot (which itself is also
available for the Mac, I believe, at sumex-aim.stanford.edu and mirrors;
but can't check right now because the wais src is not responding.  Irisplot
is available from swedishchef.lerc.nasa.gov in /programs/GL as

For the variable skipping that you describe, I believe that you'll have to
write a script or edit the file yourself; there are very few if any PD
programs that are that flexible, although there are plenty of scripting
languages that would allow you to do it relatively easily - perl, awk, sed
and others as you mentioned.  It depends on how big and ugly the data set

Good Hunting

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