SIGMA v2.00.k (beta) for Mac and Sun available

Michael J. Cinkosky michael at T10.LANL.gov
Wed Sep 22 19:41:55 EST 1993

(For those who have received previous beta announcements, this is
an updated beta release.  Thanks for the help of previous beta testers --
this version fixes all reported bugs.)

                            S   I   G   M   A
                          System for Integrated
                           Genome Map Assembly

              Beta Release 2.00.k Available by Anonymous FTP
                           for Apple Macintosh
                       and Sun SparcStation / Motif

We are pleased to announce the availability of a beta release 2.00.k
of SIGMA, a graphical genome map editor.

MACINTOSH AND MOTIF SUPPORT.  SIGMA is now available for two computer
platforms: Apple Macintosh (as a native Mac application) and Sun
SparcStation (as a Motif application).  On each platform SIGMA looks
and feels like other standard applications, conforming to the
look-and-feel of the native windowing environment. Files created on
either platform can be used on the other without modification.

ENHANCED EDITING FUNCTIONALITY.  The addition of new modes for
selecting and editing map elements supports complex editing operations
such as "warping" regions of a map to accommodate new information. For
some complex operations, these new features can reduce editing time
from hours to minutes.

IMPROVED MAP EVALUATION.  The version facilitates useful evaluation of
a map against the data on which it is based by allowing for "selective
disclosure" of unsatisfied data.  In addition, data determined to be in
error can be disabled without deleting it from the map, thus retaining
the history of the map building process in the map.

AUTOMATIC BACKUP.  SIGMA now automatically creates a backup copy of a
map immediately before saving changes as protection against system
failures and user error.

EASIER PRINTING.  It is now easier to print multiple page maps at any
resolution.  The user can simply request that the map (or any selected
region within a map) be printed on any number of pages. Crop marks are
automatically added to facilitate assembly into a larger display.

BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY.  Any map created with the current version
(v1.03) of SIGMA can be loaded into v2.00 (although maps cannot be
moved from v2.00 to v1.03 without the lose of information).

AVAILABLE BY ANONYMOUS FTP.  For information on retrieving SIGMA by
anonymous ftp, send email containing only the text "sigma-info" to
bioserve at t10.lanl.gov.  Further support can be reached by writing to
sigma at t10.lanl.gov.

SIGMA is produced in the Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group (T-10)
at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM 87545, with funding
from the Department of Energy's Office of Health and Environmental Research.

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