Refman on network - journal-list problems?

Nikolaj Kolte nkolte at daimi.aau.dk
Thu Sep 23 04:28:29 EST 1993

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post in, but I couldn't find
any better, and I suppose that someone reading this group is using Refman.

I have a problem setting a correct (or useful) Refman environment on a 
What I would like is to have the private refdatabase on drive P, and that 
is possible - of course, but the journal list is somehow connected to the
refdatabase and therefore personal.

My question is then: How can I place a journal-list on drive O: and R:  and the 
refdatabase with the refs. on drive P: 
The refman program is on drive O:

Hope someone have a hint or a solution....

Thank you


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