New version of GEPASI metabolic simulator uploaded (2.08a)

Pedro Mendes prm at aber.ac.uk
Mon Sep 20 13:12:43 EST 1993

A new version of the metabolic modelling program GEPASI is now
available from the net. A series of bugs have been fixed and there are
some new (minor) features added over previous versions.  Below is a
short description of GEPASI and a list of servers where it can be found.

GEPASI 2.0 is a package for the simulation and modelling of biochemical
pathways and chemical reactions.  It was made for research but can also
be used for educational purposes.  With GEPASI you build models of
pathways and simulate their dynamics and steady state for given sets of
parameters.  GEPASI generates the coefficients of Metabolic Control
Analysis for steady states.  There is also a facility to assist in the
study of the effects of several parameters on the properties of the
model pathway.  GEPASI can be used to simulate systems with stable
states, limit cycles and chaotic behaviour. There is no manual included
but the help is context-sensitive and includes a short tutorial on
metabolic modelling and several references to the relevant literature.

GEPASI runs under MS-WINDOWS 3.1 and is free software, covered by the
GNU General Public License.  GEPASI uses GNUPLOT (either the DOS or
MS-Windows versions), users should download this package and install it
to be able to plot the results obtained with GEPASI.


GEPASI is widely available by anonymous FTP and email.  The binary
executable version is in the file named GEP208A.ZIP and the source code
in the file GSRC208A.ZIP (both compressed with PKZIP 2.04). The
following are the primary archive sites where GEPASI is stored:

o  the BTK-MCA (bionet.metabolic-reg) archive:
   darwin.brookes.ac.uk       /pub/software/ibmpc/gepasi

o  the general MSDOS archive  (SIMTEL20)
   wsmr.simtel20.army.mil     pd1:<MSDOS.BIOLOGY>

o  the Center for Innovative Computer Applications (CICA):
   ftp.cica.indiana.edu       /pub/pc/win3/misc

o  the EMBL network file server (email):
   send email to netserv at embl-heidelberg.de with the command 
   'GET DOS_SOFTWARE:GEPASI.UUA' to receive GEPASI by email UUEncoded.

Both SIMTEL20 and CICA are mirrored around the world.To reduce network
traffic you are encouraged to download it from the nearest site. The
full list of FTP servers known to have GEPASI is

darwin.brookes.ac.uk       /pub/software/ibmpc/gepasi
src.doc.ic.ac.uk           /packages/simtel20/biology
nic.switch.ch              /software/msdos/simtel20/biology
ftp.urz.uni-heidelberg.de  /pub/simtel/biology
ftp.hrz.tu-chemnitz.de     /fs12/pub/simtel/msdos/biology
swdsrv.edvz.univie.ac.at   /pc/dos/biology
nic.funet.fi               /pub/msdos/SIMTEL20-mirror/biology
ftp.vse.cs                 /pub/msdos/simtel/biology

wsmr.simtel20.army.mil     pd1:<MSDOS.BIOLOGY>
cs.ubc.ca                  /mirror4/msdos/biology
knot.queensu.ca            /wuarchive/systems/ibmpc/msdos/biology
ftp.uu.net                 /systems/ibmpc/msdos/simtel20/biology
ftp.wustl.edu              /systems/ibmpc/msdos/biology
rigel.acs.oakland.edu      /pub/msdos/biology
ftp.cica.indiana.edu       /pub/pc/win3/misc
grind.isca.uiowa.edu       msdos/win3/misc
gatekeeper.dec.com         /.2/micro/msdos/win3/misc

plaza.aarnet.edu.au        /micros/pc/oak/biology
monu6.cc.monash.edu.au     /pub/win3/misc

itu2.sun.ac.za             /simtel/biology

nctuccca.edu.tw            /PC-MsDos/SIMTEL-msdos/biology

Pedro Mendes
prm at aber.ac.uk

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