SGI--->MAC image transfer

Harry Mangalam mangalam at UCI.EDU
Sat Sep 18 14:36:58 EST 1993

>        Our lab has recently acquired an SGI for modelling purposes, and I 
>have been struggling with the following question.  Is there a way to take a 
>"screen-shot" on the Silicon Graphics which I can open on a MAC, preferably 
>with minimal loss of resolution?  Would this screenshot be GIF, PICT, TIFF or 
>PS?  Anyone doing this routinely?

Yup.  Use imsnap (usually an icon of it in your workspace) to grab the
image, save as an rgb or sgi format, convert to whatever you want with
either the image tools from ftp.sgi.com (also usually included with the
machine in the 4Dgifts dir (I think) or use the 'im' tools available from
ftp.sdsc.edu, 'imconv' mostly.  If you want to save the 24 bit depth,
you'll want to convert to tiff files probably; if you want to save space,
use pict.

Need more help, yelp.

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