Help on IntelliGenetics services

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Thu Sep 16 20:27:17 EST 1993

mcbthy at leonis.nus.sg (Tang Hsin Yao (Mr)) writes:

>Hi! I was told that IntelliGenetics (hope I have got the name right)
>provides some services on DNA homology searches, domains identification
>etc etc. If this is true, could someone please tell me how to access it
>from over here (somewhere in Singapore) and how much they charge for it.
>Please try to email any response to me, I don't access usenet news often.

>Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

>Hsinyao Tang
>mcbthy at leonis.nus.sg

Yes, it is true.  You are referring to the BIONET Timesharing Service.
International access is available through SprintNet and the Internet.
We can send you an information packet and application form if you send
us your regular mailing address.

David Kristofferson

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