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In article <m0ocyYE-0002aVC at zorzal.edu.ar>, 
bd4a at zorzal.edu.ar (Diego Martin Burrieza  LU 674/90) writes:
>   I am interested in obtaining a copy of Kinemage for PC. Could you
> provide me with the ftp site, directory and the names of the files that
> I have to retreive ? The information must be specific, because I don't
> have ftp and Iam usin the ftpmail server. Thanks for your time,

The ftp site is orion.oac.uci.edu, directory /protein/Kinemage/pcMAGE

You want the binary file MAGE_all.exe.  This is a self-expanding archive;
file when it is on your computer, from the DOS prompt type 
"MAGE_all -d".  This should create all the files you need, of which the
main one is Mage_2_3.exe.  Other important files are Install.kin,
Mage_2_2.txt (MAGE instructions), and MagePref.kin (for setting 
preferences).  If the latter files aren't in MAGE-all.exe, you can request 
them individually.

The /protein/Kinemage directory has the file2_9Kins.Ndx, which lists all
the kinemages available, including the volume and issue number, which tells
you where to find them; individual kinemages are in
/protein/Kinemage/KinsByVol/, with further subdirectories such as v1n1,
..., vXvY.  Also in /protein/Kinemage is V1_KINS.exe, a self-extracting
archive of all kinemages from vol 1 of Protein Science; when it's on your
computer, enter the command "V1_KINS -d" to expand.  For demonstrations,
you can get ProTour1.kin through ProTour6.kin; these are in

(Kinemage for the pc is for Windows 3.1.  A Mac version also exists.)

Cheers, Bill

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