DNA and Protein Database Statistics

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MJA12046%USA.decnet at USAV01.GLAXO.COM ("USA::MJA12046") writes:

>Is there a file, in Gopherspace or wherever, that keeps the statistics
>of DNA and Protein Databases with regard to species?  It would be interesting
>to know what percentage of the E. coli genome has been sequenced, what
>percent of Genbank is human DNA, etc. 

This is a good question- what is the answer, though?  In the excellent
discussion document "Meeting Report" from the "DOE Informatics Summit",
in the "Types of Community Database Users" section it states:

   * It is an embarrassment to the Human Genome Project that   *
   * we still cannot easily answer simple questions such as,   *
   * "How many genes on the long arm of chromosome 21 have     *
   * been sequenced?"                                          *
Any specific suggestions on how we can be less embarrassed sooner
rather than later?


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