Need ideas on Biochem/Mol Bio software for undergrads

Dr. P.G.G. Miller pmiller at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Sep 13 02:16:01 EST 1993

In article <sspencer-090993150227 at ted.bocklabs.wisc.edu>, sspencer at macc.wisc.edu (Stephan Spencer) writes:
> The professor I am working for is writing a grant proposal for using
> computers in undergraduate education.  But she desperately needs ideas for
> programs that are especially useful in teaching biochemistry or molecular
> biology to undergraduates.  These programs can be either public domain or
> commercial.
> Thank you in advance for your response!  

Just to point out that there are a few Gophers and other sources that might
be worth checking, if only to avoid reinventing the wheel (though even wheels
can do with the odd bit of refining from time to time):-

CTI Centre for Biology has a trial Gopher containing its '91 Resource 
Directory on the Computer Science Gopher at the University of Liverpool.  There
are a few problems with this one -- bear with us;

ASK, the German equivalent of CTI, is also Gopher-accessible;

The Intellimation catalogue is available on the Apple HE Gopher;

There is a directory of courseware on IBM's ISAAC, though you need to telnet
and register for this;

Check out the WISC-WARE catalogue too (should be close to you!) -- paper only
as far as I know;

BioQUEST has a downloadable demo of some of the good stuff they do -- someone
from their team will probably provide details.  They have a developer's program
that you can key into for distribution on CD as well.

Then you can always do a Veronica search across Gopherspace...

None of these count as ideas (but it is 8.15, Monday morning...)



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