GDB/Accessor Available for Macintosh

David G. Kitaguchi davidk at velociraptor.welchdev
Mon Sep 13 13:58:16 EST 1993

                GDB/Accessor Available for Macintosh

           Free Software for Searching Genetic Databases

GDB/Accessor is a Macintosh program for accessing the Genome Data Base (GDB)
and related genetic databases on the Internet. No database logins or email
addresses are required. The software was developed by Corprew Reed and Tom Marr
of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, NY in cooperation
with GDB at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. The development and
maintenance of the software are a joint project of Johns Hopkins University 
and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 

The program has a typical Macintosh "look and feel". It uses multiple windows
and includes the following features:
        . define searches in GDB for locus, map, and probe information
        . look at a summary of the search results to choose which loci, maps,
                or probes to include in a report generated directly on
                the Macintosh
        . design the reports by selecting both the types of data about these 
                objects and the format of the data
        . review the reports on the screen
        . manipulate the reports like other Macintosh text (save, print,
                cut, paste)
        . use cross-references to retrieve data related to the GDB data
                from sequence, disorder, and mouse databases on the Internet
        . define searches directly in the sequence databases (e.g. GenBank,
                EMBL, PIR), disorder database (OMIM) and mouse database (MLC).

The software is designed to run on a Macintosh with access to the Internet. 
It will run without loss of functionality under System 6 or 7. The minimum 
requirements include: 

    For either system
        MacTCP version 1.0 or above (MacTCP version 1.1.1 is recommended)
        Approximately 600K to store the program, documentation, and 
                configuration files
        Approximately 1.5 megabytes of free memory to run
        At least 640x480 screen resolution (13" monitor or greater)

    For System 6
        System software 6.0.4 or above (version 6.0.8 is recommended)
        At least 2 megabytes of RAM to run under Finder; at least 2.5
                megabytes of RAM to run under MultiFinder

    For System 7
        System software 7.0 or above
        At least 4 megabytes of RAM

GDB/Accessor is available at no cost via anonymous FTP:
        Server Name     ftp.gdb.org
        Directory       pub/mac/accessor
        Files           accessor.hqx    (program in BinHex format)
                        accessor.readme (how to convert the BinHex file into
                                         a Macintosh application)

If you have the appropriate Macintosh to run GDB/Accessor but no access
to FTP, contact GDB User Support for alternate ways of getting the software.

Please send all questions regarding GDB/Accessor distribution or use to:
        GDB User Support
        Genome Data Base
        Johns Hopkins University 
        2024 E. Monument St.
        Baltimore, MD 21205

        Internet:       help at gdb.org
        Phone:          (410) 955-7058
        Fax:            (410) 614-0434

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