Need ideas on Biochem/Mol Bio software for undergrads

Fergus Doherty mbxfd at unicorn.nott.ac.uk
Fri Sep 10 06:44:43 EST 1993

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sspencer at macc.wisc.edu (Stephan Spencer) wrote:
> The professor I am working for is writing a grant proposal for using
> computers in undergraduate education.  But she desperately needs ideas for
> programs that are especially useful in teaching biochemistry or molecular
> biology to undergraduates.  These programs can be either public domain or
> commercial.
> Thank you in advance for your response!  
> Stephan Spencer
> University of Wisconsin, Biochemistry
> sspencer at macc.wisc.edu

You could look at the BioQuest Project which runs on the Macintosh.  This
is a project to develop lab simulation software and includes
biochemistry/molecular bioogy modules, although some are still being
tested.  The software collection is published by the Academic Software
Development Group at University of Maryland, email asdg at umdd.umd.edu,
Bioquest themselves can be reached at bioquest at beloit.edu.

Apart from that I know mostly about Mac software, 'Hypercell', the
electronic version of 'The Molecular Biology of the Cell' (Macs and PCs).

Some software from Wings for Learning 'Photosynthesis' and 'Genetics' and
from a US company Intellimatics, 'Recombinant DNA Tutorial' (I think).  

There isn't a huge amount of stuff.  We also use DNAstar's 'Lasergene'
molecular biology package, designed for research but useful to introduce
sequence analysis.  This is expensive but if interested check out with the
publisher about special arrangments to use it for teaching on a limited
basis (ie certain no of weeks in the year) if you have or get a copy for

"Molecular Structures in Biology' Oxford Electronic Publishing, neeeds OS/2
 and IBM PS/2 70 or 80.

Finally you can produce your own with authoring tools such as Authorware
(PC and Mac), Hypercard (Mac), ToolBook (PC) and numerous others.  We are
part of a UK consortium of sites concerned with increasing CAL in these
areas, part of which involves producing authored material using this kind
of software.

Good luck, if you want to know more about the UK consortium mail me.

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