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Thu Sep 9 19:09:19 EST 1993

"bhjelle at unm.edu" says:
> > I often have to give presentations on topics related
> > to molecular biology, genetics, and more "organismal"
> > level subjects concerning human and animal virology.
> > I have several presentation packages (software)
> > ranging from Wordperfect Presentations to Harvard
> > Graphics to DrawPerfect, so can deal with various
> > bitmapped and vector mapped formats. I have been
> > looking unsuccessfully for large "clip art" libraries
> > that would allow me to import high-quality pictures

Follow-up to my original post.  Techpool Studios makes a package
called lifeART Collections, which is medical and medically-related
clipart.  I used the Mac version of their anatomy package last year;
it wasn't bad (it was all in EPS format) but I found it a little
difficult to manipulate with that older version of Freehand on my
borrowed Mac.  Anyway, they're located in Cleveland at:

    (800) 543-3278
    (216) 291-1922
    (216) 382-1915 FAX

Apparently, the package now works on the PC platform but you will
still need a package that can directly manipulate EPS (Illustrator,
Designer or CorelDraw! should do it) to edit the stuff.

The ad states that there's a free catalog available for the asking.

- ivan

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