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Leonard Bloksberg preissj at clvax1.msu.edu
Thu Sep 9 12:27:00 EST 1993

In Article <26d81n$2ku at carina.unm.edu> "bhjelle at unm.edu" says:
> I often have to give presentations on topics related
> to molecular biology, genetics, and more "organismal"
> level subjects concerning human and animal virology.
> I have several presentation packages (software)
> ranging from Wordperfect Presentations to Harvard
> Graphics to DrawPerfect, so can deal with various
> bitmapped and vector mapped formats. I have been
> looking unsuccessfully for large "clip art" libraries
> that would allow me to import high-quality pictures
> of, say, DNA structure, virus particles (eg, illustration
> or bitmapped EM picture), human organs, phylogenic tree
> templates, a library of mouse pictures, etc.
> Is it too soon to ask for such a library, eg, on CD-ROM?
> Does anyone know of something that would help with this?
> I understand there are some "medical" packages on CD-ROM,
> which are not clipart libraries but multimedia medical
> reference libraries. Is anyone familiar with these?
> Windows compatibility is important...
> Thanks for any and all ideas.
> Brian
Try Advanced Graphics Software Inc 
	5825 Avenida Encinas, Suite 105
	Carlsbad, CA  92008-9690
They offer several different groups of biological and scientific clipart.
I haven't bought any of it (we're poor), but the do sell it to go with 
their program SlideWrite (an excelent plotting and slide making program).
I have no affiliation with the company, I just like their product.
		Dr. Leonard N. Bloksbe

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