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William S. Messer, Jr., Ph.D. wmesser at uoft02.utoledo.edu
Wed Sep 8 16:33:59 EST 1993

In Article <lwalsh.746482305 at news.cso.uiuc.edu>, lwalsh at nemo.life.uiuc.edu
(Laura L. Walsh) wrote:
>We am looking for a program which will do curve fitting
>using multiple exponentials.  We need a fairly simple
>program which will run on a Macintosh and which is
>cheap.  We have access to Mathematica, but so far haven't
>found it easy enough to use for this purpose.  My guess
>is that Igor will do this, but I understand that is
>isn't cheap.  Any other ideas?
>Laura Walsh (lwalsh at nemo.life.uiuc.edu)

I am not sure that it will do multiple exponentials without some user-defined
help, but DeltaGraph Pro could be useful.  It does provide an exponential 
function "built-in" and has the capacity to accept user defined functions.  Of
course cheap is a relative term -- but I have seen ads selling DeltaGraph Pro
as part of a bundle for $99.  
I have used DeltaGraph Pro to do some nonlinear curve fitting for
pharmacological data, and have been fairly pleased with the results.  It does
allow you to define and save your own functions for later use.  
Hope this is of some use to you.
Bill Messer

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