HELP: Beta-strand (sheet) prediction!!

bionet%FRCGM51.earn at uk.ac.earn-relay bionet%FRCGM51.earn at uk.ac.earn-relay
Wed Sep 8 09:46:19 EST 1993

> I'm looking for a program which can predict beta-strands and/or beta-sheets
> from primary structures.
> Preferentially a program that has been used by auteurs before (reference
> would be nice)
> If you know how I can get such a program, please contact me as soon as
> possible.
> Thanks for the effort!
 I think you should try the profile/neural network method of Rost & Sander.
 Predictions can be made by E-mail.
 To begin with, first send a message containing the word 'help' to:
 predictprotein at embl-heidelberg.de
 Good luck.
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