Joanna L. Power jpower at kiwi.imgen.bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Sep 8 11:31:57 EST 1993

                        ANNOUNCING GDB-Lite: 
             a user-friendly browsing and data entry tool 
                      for the Genome Data Base

The Informatics Core of the Human Genome Center at Baylor College of 
Medicine announces the release of GDB-Lite, a user-friendly GDB browsing 
and data-entry tool for the Macintosh.  

GDB-Lite provides investigators in the Human Genome Project an easy 
method to access and search GDB (the Genome Data Base at The Johns Hopkins 
University School of Medicine).  Reports incorporating data from several 
GDB tables can be generated easily.  GDB-Lite creates submission forms
for GDB, automatically formatting the information entered into the 
database by the user.

GDB-Lite was developed using 4th Dimension (4D), a powerful yet easy-to-use 
relational database system for the Macintosh.  Use of GDB-Lite requires
4D Runtime v3.0, available from ACIUS, Inc.  (An educational discount is
available when ordering directly from ACIUS.)  GDB-Lite requires a Macintosh
with a hard disk and a 12" (or larger) monochrome or high-resolution
color moniter.

GDB-Lite is compatible with GDB release 5.1.  The data is periodically
extracted from GDB at Baylor College of Medicine and made available by
anonymous ftp.  The data for chromosomes 6, 17 and X is currently available.
Other data sets can be provided if a need is present.

GDB-Lite is available by anonymous ftp from gc.bcm.tmc.edu.  All comments
should be sent to gdb-lite at bcm.tmc.edu.

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