Postscript files?

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Tue Sep 7 00:50:11 EST 1993

In article <01H2GWCDDX8W003S5M at crcvms.unl.edu>, VWARWAR at CRCVMS.UNL.EDU (VITOR WARWAR) writes:
> 	Hi
> 	Is there a way to print a postscript file generated by GCG in
> a dot matrix printer?
> 	Thanks you all
> 		Vitor Warwar

Sure thing, Vitor!  

What you want is called Ghostscript.  It is a gnu software package that allows
you to print postscript documents to a wide variety of normal and laser
printers, as well as to the console.  You can even have it convert your
document to a form usable by your favorite printer and save the results to a
file so that you can sneaker-net it over.  With a little tweaking for some
purposes it can be used with network printers just as easily.

Ghostscript is available primarily for various flavours of Unix, including
linux, and is also available for DOS computers.  There is a front-end to use
with Windows called ghostview which is pretty darn decent.  GS works just great
under X, but I think that you can use it without X.  Might not be able to
display to the console though.  

I know that you can find the DOS version on wuarchive.  Sunsite and tsx both
have the Unix source for ghostscript, as well as everything you need to get
linux up and running on your 386(+)-based PC.


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