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INET::"asdyp at acad2.alaska.edu" "Dave" writes:

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>> "joe at evolution.u.washington.edu" "Joe Felsenstein" 27-AUG-1993 05:
>>  writes:
>> .
>> .
>> .
>> <much stuff deleted>
>> If anyone knows a way to send encoded binaries by e-mail and have people be
>> able to make them self-extract without requiring tutorials from me on
>> how to get and use decoding programs, I'd love to hear it (it sounds
>> impossible to me).
>> <much more stuff deleted>
>> Archives can be made (and have been for at least ten years!) to be self
>> extracting (read: executable or .EXE). All one has to do is type the filename
>> at the command line and VIOLA! all files are extracted automatically.
>> anyone who can use DOS can extract an archive!
>> Bob
>Bob, this is clearly not what Joe was asking about.  Will you please wake up
>before you spout off with what appears to you to be the most obvious reply?
>Clearly, Joe was asking about a way to make UUENCODED archives self-extracting
>on the recipient's end.  You are way off on a tangent talking about how PKzip
>and other fine compression utilities will make self-extracting archives, but
>none of these have any relevance to encoded binaries.
>I don't know of any way to automate the decoding of encoded binaries that will
>be completely cross-platform compatable.  If all you are ever working with is
>Unix boxes with the same shell as yourself you could provide a script for the
>recipient to use, providing that they have access to a copy of uudecode on
>their end.  Perhaps a more compatable Unix method would be to write something
>in awk or perl, and hope that any PC users had gone out and FTPed awk and perl
>for DOS already.  This is unacceptable.  What else is left?
>Taking a hint from the alt.binaries groups, as well as comp.sys.hp48 you could
>write a little startup guide including short BASIC and C source for uudecode,
>and then provide in the file a more complete version of uudecode as well as
>instructions on how to FTPmail the most recent version.  With this plan you
>could then just send anyone who is having problems a copy of this file and ask
>them to read it before they ask any more questions.
>Me, I'm strongly in favor of dumping large text files full of useful
>information onto folks who need help.  *chuckle*

Someone should remind dear David that this is a forum for the free expression
and exchange of ideas and information. Apparently he has lost sight of this and
has chosen instead to use to engage in abusive and derogatory correspondence
for no other reason than self-gratification.

I take exception to this kind of behavior, especially when it is at my expense.
It is inexcusable to misuse the privilege and violate the trust we all
assume when we join a newsgroup such as this one. Academics need not resort to
slander and insult, as David has done, to get a point across. It is
unprofessional and characteristic of an immature mind.

If we are to have a truly free flow of ideas and information then we must be
more tolerant of points of view contrary to our own. David has started a
process which we must not allow to continue. I urge everyone concerned to
police the behavior of the other members of this group lest we loose even more
than what we already have. Malicious personal attacks and ridicule should not 
be tolerated under any circumstances.


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