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Luc Van Wiemeersch luwie at be.ac.rug.gengenp
Fri Sep 3 03:44:43 EST 1993

In our Lab. we have an ALF machine connected to a IBM PS/2 model 80
runnig OS/2 1.2 with the ALF software.
The IBM is integrated in our VINES (BANYAN) LAN.
The LAN includes about 40 PC's (DOS), 6 UNix hosts , 2 MAc's and the OS/2 machine.
On the IBM PS/2 80 we run TCP/IP (PC/TCP for OS/2 from FTP) to connect
the computer to the Unix hosts. (using NDIS drivers, complex configuration)
Unix partitions can be mounted on it and FTP (file transfer) is also possible.`
Vines OS/2 client software is also running on the PS/2 and enables the use
of printers in the VINES LAN, the use of mail etc.
Not everything works without problems, but the connection is satisfactory.
I do not know if this will still be possible with OS/2 version 2.x.

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