Akemi Yagi/BCR7 4-8094 yagi2 at SCRIPPS.EDU
Thu Sep 2 20:23:23 EST 1993


I have a question regarding C programming on UNIX.  A call to the function
system() allows a program to execute a shell command.  However, system
invokes sh but not csh.  As a result it cannot execute a command which
is an alias defined in the .cshrc file.  So my question is as follows.
Suppose you are writing a program that lets the user enter a command
and if it is an alias how would you get the program to run it?  I would
appreciate any suggestion you may have.  Thank you.


  Akemi Yagi, Ph.D.	The Scripps Research Institute
			email: yagi2 at scripps.edu
			phone: 619-554-2596 

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