Radioligand Binding Analysis Software WANTED

VAN BELZEN at PA1 belzen at pa1.fgg.eur.nl
Thu Sep 2 04:19:19 EST 1993

In article <5695 at eagle.ukc.ac.uk> pjg1 at ukc.ac.uk (P.J.Gane) writes:
>I'm looking for PC-DOS based software for radioligand binding analysis.
>I know of a few commercial packages such as LIGAND, LOWRY and EBDA but really
>I would like to have this software as quickly as possible, and so I'm trying
>to find if anything like this exists on the (bio)NET.
>Anything which I can anon. ftp would be great.

There exists a public domain program for Scatchard analysis called 
RBINDING (if I remember correctly :-) written by Prof. Joop van Zoelen and 
myself. I don't know whether its on the net, being out of this field for 
several years now. I tried to contact Joop but he's on holiday. I'll ask if 
he still supports the program, and put it on the net if he agrees. 

For my own use, I ported the original LIGAND program from Munson and 
Rodbard to MS-DOS, a long time ago. It is terrible user-unfriendly, just as 
the Apple II version I ported it from, and would only be of use if you have 
the documentation, and some perseverance to master it. I wonder, however, 
where I stand legally with regard to distributing this program... could 
anybody enlighten me on this?

By the way, in addition to the MS-DOS versions, I wrote Atari ST ports of 
these programs. If there's any interest, please email me because I don't 
read this newsgroup regularly.

Best regards, Nico

  Nico van Belzen, PhD       belzen at pa1.fgg.eur.nl
  Dept. of Pathology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  P.O. box 1738  3000DR Rotterdam  The Netherlands
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