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Thu Sep 2 03:59:54 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug29.213231.5582 at c-mols.siu.edu> shriver at qm.c-biochem.siu.edu writes:
>We are in the middle of a discussion here concerning the pros and cons of
>having graduate students in biochemistry and molecular biology take a
>short course in computer programming and data analysis.  The molecular
>biologists feel that this is an old fashioned requirement, while the
>biophysicists feel that todays students are becoming less and less
>acquainted with quantitative approaches.  I have been asked to determine
>if any biochemistry or molecular biology graduate programs still require
>their students to have been exposed to computer programming (in any
>language) and data analysis.

I would strongly recommend a course in computer programming, preferably in 
a language that is easy to learn and remember like BASIC. The two weeks pre-
grad computer programming course I had on the ancient Apple II have been of 
great value to me. Even if students would never write a single line of code 
after the course, it would help them to get a feeling for the 
possibilities and limitations of computer software.

Nico van Belzen

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