Reading QPro .WQ1 files

Graham Lewis cepgl at scri.scot-agric-res-inst.ac.uk
Fri Nov 26 11:33:15 EST 1993

Hello evrybody,
              We currently store weather data using a PC based data manipulation 
program called Power-system. We have some models written in a pascal dialect 
thst run within Power-system, reading the weather data files directly. 
Unfortunately this makes the models non-portable (unless you also have 
Power-system. Also, Power-system is a bit olde Worlde in its user interface. 
I have rewritten the models in Borlands Turbo Pascal to take weather data as 
ASCII files. We are considering changing the way we manage the weather data by
storing the data as spreadsheets using Borlands Quatro Pro. I would like my 
Turbo pascal programs to read Quatro Pro spreadsheet files directly (without 
first converting them to ASCII. Does anybody know how I do this? What I 
suppose I am asking is ; What is the format of a Quatro Pro spreadsheet file?

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