John Nash nash at nrcbsa.bio.nrc.ca
Tue Nov 30 15:49:02 EST 1993

Recently, I was browsing through the gopher server at
ftp.bio.indiana.edu to see what new stuff they had with respect to
analysis of electrophoretic gels.  I came across a nice looking
program called dna-gui.  Unfortunately the source only compiles on a
Sparcstation or DECstation, and I do much of my UNIX computing on
SGIs.  I have no X access to a Sparcstation ;-(

Anybody modified it to compile on SGI?  It needs Xview/Xaw/Xmu
installed (I am illiterate with respect to X programming).

Thanks.  BTW, I included a clip from the readme in case people were
intrigued by my description of the program.

------------ some clips from the readme ------------------------------------

	The DNA Graphical User Interface (DNA/GUI) is a software program for
assisting in the quantitative analysis of 1D-electrophoretic-gel images.
The software is written in C for UNIX workstations using the X Window System.

	The DNA/GUI software features lane detection and delineation,
band detection, and an image-normalization feature to remove or minimize
image frowning.  Results include lane-by-lane band mobilities and base-pairs.
While much of the analysis is fairly automatic, a user is given ample
opportunity to edit results so as to make saved information as accurate
as possible.  The editing is minimized in images of gels which are free of
artifacts and for which reasonable attention was given to the gel-formation
and electrophoresis experiment.  Images of poorly-prepared gels require
more editing.  This version of the software also has some difficulty
resolving very closely-spaced bands.

	The DNA/GUI system is described in a 1992 issue of BioTechniques:
H.A. Drury, K.W. Clark, R.E. Hermes, J.M. Feser, L.J. Thomas, Jr.,
and H. Donis-Keller.  "A Graphical User Interface for Quantitative
Imaging and Analysis of Electrophoretic Gels and Autoradiograms",
BioTechniques, vol. 12, No. 6 (June, 1992), pp. 892-901.

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