Ken Clark kwc at WUBCL.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Nov 30 17:40:27 EST 1993

John Nash writes:

> Recently, I was browsing through the gopher server at
> ftp.bio.indiana.edu to see what new stuff they had with respect to
> analysis of electrophoretic gels.  I came across a nice looking
> program called dna-gui.  Unfortunately the source only compiles on a
> Sparcstation or DECstation, and I do much of my UNIX computing on
> SGIs.  I have no X access to a Sparcstation ;-(

> Anybody modified it to compile on SGI?  It needs Xview/Xaw/Xmu
> installed (I am illiterate with respect to X programming).

Let me summarize the status of this software.  Heather Drury, original
project leader and author of an article in BioTechniques (June 1992)
describing this software, left our Lab about a year ago.  The project
constricted to a one-person activity which has focused mostly on
adding bells and whistles suggested by local and extramural users.
Few algorithm improvements have been developed and implemented.
However, a Version 2.0 had been planned for Dec 93.  But, very recent
personnel changes have diverted my efforts to finish Version 2.0,
which will run on SPARCstations, DECstatsions, SGIs, and Alphas.
If anyone would like to be notified of the release, let me know.
I hope to release it Q1 1994.

The original release of Version 1.0 was announced to this newsgroup.
Persons interested were asked to contact us for ftp instructions.
In this manner, we accumulated a list of folks whom we could notify
about changes and future releases.  Indiana picked it up for their
ftp site; but, anyone copying from Indiana would have no access to

Announcements will be posted to this newsgroup and at our ftp site:

	wubcl.wustl.edu ( in pub/DNAGUI.

	(other activities at our Lab are described in this pub directory)

Ken Clark

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