Stereoviews from X,Y,Z coordinates?

Mon Nov 29 11:48:34 EST 1993

Dear net,

I am seeking some help to generate stereoimages from a X,Y,Z coordinates file
of a 3D object.

I have a text file of X,Y,Z coordinates that looks like this:
-0.976       9.259      -1.800
-6.178       6.965       1.635


15.057     -56.687     182.602
19.660     -56.468     186.208


This file is actually on a PC but I can transfer it to a Vax or to a Mac as 
well. I would like to use a freeware or shareware Mac/PC/Vax program that will 
generate stereoviews from a given side of the 3D object decribed in that file. 
I do not have easy access to a graphic station. I would preferably do this
on a Mac so as to be able to manipulate the stereoviews output in a Mac
graphic program.
Is such a thing possible? 

Accessory questions are:
-Does this corresponds to the format of X,Y,Z coordinates of the Brookhaven
database files?
-Would kinemage (for Mac) or RasMol (for PC) either be able to manipulate the
X,Y,Z coordinates file that I got or generate the stereoviews I am looking

Thanks so much

Eric Schoonejans

es at jii.afrc.ac.uk

(or es at uk.ac.afrc.jii)

John Innes Institute
NR4 7UH Norwich

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