The BioCatalogue on WWW at Genethon

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Mon Nov 29 11:33:40 EST 1993

In <1993Nov29.153225 at genethon.fr> pat at genethon.fr (Patricia Rodriguez-Tome) writes:

>The Catalog of Bio Software (currently release 2.1)
>is now on the WWW server at Genethon.

Nice to see that other EMBnet nodes are setting up WWW servers.
Apparently the EMBnet brochure has been added to the "Whats new"
list at CERN. Hmmm... I wonder who gave them the info. I certainly
didn't. Anyway it has been a good advertisement for EMBnet 

There I was sitting at my desk when I was getting tremendous
activity on my disk. Red light flashing on and off. It has been like that
all day. I thought NDT or HASSLE was doing updates but then I looked at the
access_log and did a wc on it and found that there had been over four
thousand GETS since I first put up the server late last week.

shamrock ~> wc /gcg/www/logs/access_log
      4289	36967	307265 /gcg/www/logs/access_log

I was just wondering is this normal for a 4-5 day period.
Are other people seeing similar activity on their servers?

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