Sequencher vs Applied Biosystems

Paul Morrison morrison at FARBER.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Nov 29 14:03:53 EST 1993

>Sequencher ought to be a better program at about 10X the cost*!!=
 How about
>comparing apples and apples? (note I've not used either one "for=
 real" yet
>and am not commenting on their relative merit)
>*6-10 user packod seqed vs a 5 user network licenceof sequencher
>Roger Wiegand
>rcwieg at ccmail.monsanto.com

Comparing Sequencher and SeqEd with or without taking price into=
 account is still comparing apples to oranges. Sequencher constructs=
 DNA sequence alignments (quickly) and SeqEd does not (at all). I=
 used SeqEd for 1.5 years and never used it as anything more then=
 a kludgy editor that allowed me to see the ABI chromatograms. I=
 have used Sequencher for the past 1.5 years and have not seen any=
 other program that builds consensus faster. And it allows me to=
 look at all the aligned chromatograms. Except for system 7 compatibility=
 SeqEd has never been updated. Sequencher seems to be updated every=
 few weeks. Big company, small company. apples and oranges.

Paul Morrison  =20
Molecular Biology Core Facility
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA
No connection to any of these programs except as a purchaser.

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