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Jason P. DeBord festus at netcom.com
Mon Nov 8 19:30:37 EST 1993


Forgive me if this message sounds illiterate in your lingo, Im not a
regular on this conference.

My brother is preparing for med school and is looking for a program for
his PC.  He does not have windows.  

He wants a program that will take raw data and plot a simply XY axis
graph; he is also looking for an organic chemistry program that will
display formulas and ring structures, double and triple bonds and lone
pairs of electrons.  (I think that's what he said.)

If you read this post and are aware of what program(s) would meet at least
some of his needs, I would greatly appreciate an Email response.  He does
not have access to the net, so Im just doing this as a favor for him.

Many Thanks,

Jason DeBord
festus at netcom.com
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