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Wed Nov 24 12:26:36 EST 1993

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> I began hearing about the ABI Inherit system which was to come with a Sun
> and another box stuffed full of Fast Data Finder chips for doing homology
> searching/sequence alignment. They were having a problem with finding a
> service rep. here in Europe so it never seems to have taken off over on
> this side of the ocean.

At >50K (?)  a pop they probably won't take off on this side either...

> Anyone have one/like it/or the like? Just curious.

See: The Journal of NIH Research, Vol 5, No 10, p 81-82 for one (not very
complementary) view of it.  I saw one at a local meeting but the rep
couldn't tell me what the advantages were over BLAST/fasta.  I can't see
anyone spending that kind of $ on such a specialized piece of hardware -
well I guess I can - they built the B2, the space shuttle, and several
billions worth of aircraft carriers.

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