Densitometry on a scanned image

RYBICKI, ED ED at micro.uct.ac.za
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> >Is there any shareware/PD software for doing "densitometry" on a 
> >image of a gel or autoradiogram (e.g. a TIFF file)?  Is this very 
> >or kind of trivial to do?
> BandLeader, a MS-Windows program (from ftp.bio.indiana.edu, or its
> Gopher) will do that.  It does its bit from a BMP file.  The only
> problem I have with BandLeader is that ... there is no way of 
printing the trace
> from within the program.  Otherwise, I like the program, it's very
> nice ---> impressions from the last 2-3 hours of use.  It's 
> trivial to use:
> i. Scan the gel or whatever into a bmp file,
> ii. Pull bmp file into Bandleader,
> iii. Do a "profile"
> iv. (optional) edit the trace to remove noise.
> That's it.

...and you can manipulate, "normalise", etc. said trace, and you can 
do comparative densitometry (=integration) on two or more bands 
simultaneously, using the "grid" option - actually works in telling 
whether a band in the sequencing gel that comes with BL is a doublet 
or singlet.

And you CAN print the densitometry output: just do an Alt + PrtScrn 
when the window is active, to send only the profile window to 
the clipboard, paste into your favourite shareware graphics package 
(mine is PaintShop Pro), and print!

A fine doodad, kudos to Ma'ayan Aharoni!

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