MAP smoothing algorithm

Douglas Fitts dfitts at carson.u.washington.edu
Wed Nov 24 00:53:01 EST 1993

I have an A/D converter and software that stores binary data for 
digitized arterial blood pressure values (direct arterial) in a readily 
accessible file.  I am looking for an algorithm, preferably in C but most 
any common language or pseudo-language will do, to take this file as an 
input stream and convert the pressure wave values into mean arterial 
pressure values.  That is, I have systolic and diastolic and heart rate 
info directly from the file, but I want an algorithm that will allow me 
to calculate mean arterial pressures on selected portions of this file.  
I don't really need anything fancy, just the way to get from the raw 
pressure wave to a MAP.  Any other filtering, as for stability, would be 
gravy, but I can handle that if need be.

Thanks for any leads...

Doug Fitts
dfitts at u.washington.edu

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