Ramachandran and Kaleidagraph?

Przemko przemko at reks.uia.ac.be
Wed Nov 24 04:19:12 EST 1993

I have some questions concerning software to analyze proteins.
First of all, is there a software to do Ramachandran plots? It
would be also nice if it could compare two different peptides
using the output of the plot.
Another one concerns displaying secondary structures of
proteins. Specifically, if I do C-W analysis, the output tells
me: alpha or helix. Now, how could I visualize it? There exists
something for the Mac called KaleidaGraph (?). But, I have PC and
Any suggestions? Mind you, the software does not have to actually
model the secondary and tertiary structure. I guess that would
be too much for a PC, all I want is to convert those Ds and As
and Hs into some kind of graphical representation.
Thank for help.
Post or e-mail. Provided I would get enough responses I would
summarize them

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