Densitometry on a scanned image

John Nash nash at nrcbsa.bio.nrc.ca
Tue Nov 23 16:37:56 EST 1993

In article <2ctjnm$luk at triton.unm.edu>,  <dkim at unm.edu> wrote:
>Is there any shareware/PD software for doing "densitometry" on a scanned
>image of a gel or autoradiogram (e.g. a TIFF file)?  Is this very complicated
>or kind of trivial to do?

BandLeader, a MS-Windows program (from ftp.bio.indiana.edu, or its
Gopher) will do that.  It does its bit from a BMP file.  The only
problem I have with BandLeader is that although it plots the traces as
a nice graph in Windows, it stores its traces as a series of plot
statistics in a text file, and there is no way of printing the trace
from within the program.  Otherwise, I like the program, it's very
nice ---> impressions from the last 2-3 hours of use.  It's _really_
trivial to use:

i. Scan the gel or whatever into a bmp file,
ii. Pull bmp file into Bandleader,
iii. Do a "profile"
iv. (optional) edit the trace to remove noise.

That's it.

It's supposed to be Shareware but there is no price in the
documentation, and since I have only been using it since lunchtime
today, I think that's a bit early to register it ;-)

Try it and tell us what you think.

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