How many Molecular Biologists use AVS ?

Timothy Slidel slidel at bsm.biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Nov 22 18:28:07 EST 1993

We've just obtained AVS via a CHEST site deal. We intend to use it for
visualising macromolecules and aspects of their structure. I know of a few people
who use AVS for this type of work and was wondering just how many there are.
The various modules in the CHEM kit + the data structures are not really geared
for large molecules and there's not alot in the module depository - I don't want
to re-invent the wheel, if someone has hoards of Mol. Biol. modules just waiting
to be given away could they please tell me !! (I have just two right now !)

Cheers, Tim.
Tim Slidel

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