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dale webb dwebb at unlinfo.unl.edu
Fri Nov 19 17:03:49 EST 1993

phi at nrcbsa.bio.nrc.ca (Dr. Barry Phipps) writes:

>I would like to buy a software package for management of literature
>references, to be used by a small group of people.  I would appreciate knowing
>what other peoples' experiences are with the different packages available, eg.
>Reference Manager, Pro Cite, EndNote, etc..

Either PC Magazine or PC Computing had a "review" of personal bibliographic
software within the last 3 months.  Check the library.  They pointed out 
the strengths and weaknesses of all the "major" programs.  They found none 
to be "outstanding" enough to get the Editors choice award but indicated 
that one should pick the one that best fits their needs.

PS  I use Papyrus.  I can get you the Email address of the author if you 
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