Sequencher vs Applied Biosystems

Morgan Conrad mpc at biosys.apldbio.COM
Fri Nov 19 15:05:18 EST 1993

First, let me say that I work at Applied Biosystems.

jasons at perrier.embnet.se (jason stewart) writes:

>Sequencher is an excellent program.
>SeqEd by ABI is a poor program.
>The very thought that a company would sell you an automated DNA sequencer
>without INCLUDING FREE OF CHARGE a sequence editing program with the
>purchase, ought to give you some idea of what ABI's customer policy is.

I don't want to discuss the plusses and minuses of Sequencher/SeqEd.
I do want to ask about this idea that software should be "free"
with your machine.  Good software takes a lot of work to create,
and a lot of work to support.  It may sound easy to "just copy a few
disks" and bundle in the software "free", but there really would be
costs involved to the company to do that, and these costs would somehow
have to get passed on to the consumer (or I'd get a smaller salary :-))

Especially if you agree with Mr. Stewart's opinion that SeqEd is a
poor program, you must also agree that ABI is wise _not_ to bundle
it in at some added cost.

What was the Woody Allen joke about a certain restaurant - 
lousy food, and such small portions?  

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