Release 1.0 of PROSA available

Maria Ortner ortnerm at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at
Thu Nov 18 12:08:43 EST 1993

                 PROSA - PROtein Structure Analysis

	          Version 1.0 for SGI Iris/Indigo

       Copyright (C) by CAME - Center of Applied Molecular Engineering 

  PROSA analyses the energy distribution in proteins. If you are a protein
  X-ray crystallographer, an NMR-spectroscopist or (beware) a protein
  structure predictor this program may be of interest to you.
  Suppose that you are confronted with a NATIVE protein structure (i.e. a
  protein in its natural functioning state). The structure may have been
  determined by X-ray, NMR, molecular modelling or it may be a structure
  which was designed to fool specialists in protein structure theory.
  How could you tell whether the structure is correct or incorrect? Note
  that even experimentalists are human beings and prone to errors. All of
  them are honest and trustworthy people. But if you base your experiments
  on published structures you are better off if you check the structures
  as far as possible before you start wasting your time. If you are going to
  use the results of protein modelling or prediction then you are in a bad
  shape anyway.
  PROSA is a programm which analyses the energy distribution in protein
  structures as a function of sequence position. Native structures have
  balanced energy distributions - faulty structures have high energy
  peaks or are strained all over the place. So much for the theory. In
  case you are really interested please consult the references at the end
  of the manual. Just look at a few native graphs and you get the point.
  In interpreting the results produced by PROSA keep in mind the following:



  PROSA runs on Silicon Graphics Workstations with IRIX 4.0.1 or higher.

  You can get the latest version of the program by anonymous ftp from 

	Gundi.came.sbg.ac.at ( , PROSA/

  Please get and read the README file.

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