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In article <19931118004431.bloksber at thomashaw-at.css.msu.edu> bloksber at pilot.msu.edu  (Leonard N. Bloksberg) writes:
>I would like to recomendation for a good book on UNIX.

This is the holy grail.  There is no *single* book even for a
toy system like MSDOS that really helps.  Go to the library
or bookstore and choose the book that you feel comfortable 
with.  The O'Reilly Nutshell series is very good.  I am 
currently leaning towards _Unix Power Utilities_ by
Muster, Birns and Lurnix, ISBN 1-55828-000-6.  This book
has the benefit of stressing data manipulation which
is the strength of Unix systems.

I have spent considerable time teaching Unix to Biologists
these past two years.  Those whose experience is Mac'ish
have big problems because the Mac hides the underlying
file structure so well.  Those who were weaned on the
DOS '>' prompt do better.  In the end, however, those
who want to learn the system, do.

There is no book than can replace a knowledgeable person
to whom one can direct specific questions.


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