The Archivist version 4.1

J.-Robert Thibault jrthibault at campus.ulaval.ca
Wed Nov 17 15:04:46 EST 1993

Hi all

I programmed a document database with a support of the Apple Canada
Education Foundation and Apple Canada Inc. It is a Hypercard database
that can hold small or rather large documents, the limitation being the
size of your hard drive.

It can be considered as an electronic binder than can multiply itself
to form new binders for your own purposes. With it is attached a small
read me type text file. This document database must 
be used on a Macintosh with a monitor starting from 480 pixels by 400
pixels or anyone bigger than that. HyperCard version 2,1 or more recent
must be used accordingly with its Home file. HyperCard must be
partitioned to 2 megs RAM or bigger. The new 4.1 version is PowerBook

The Archivist can be downloaded from the FTP site 

from the FTP site address            sylva.for.ulaval.ca  
or its equivalent I.P. address

You must log as Anonymous and use no password.

You will first see a partition named "Dossier public" which stands for
Public folder.

This FTP site is French Canadian but The Archivist and related files
are in English although you can retrieve its French counterpart

You will also find an Archivist file named HomeBrew & Archivist and
another one named Sumex-Aim documentation.  Both can be considered as
3-ring binders loaded of several Ks of goodies. They are located in a
folder named "Divers" which means Miscellaneous

The Archivist is also distributed from Stanford University SUMEX-AIM
ftp site in the /Text domain.

The Archivist will be of great help for:

any students preparing a thesis
bibliographic purposes
archiving programming stuff
archiving Binhex stuff
archiving valuable informations downloaded from billboards
archiving your Email data
for teachers in distributing informations to their students.

Archivist import ASCII text files. You can type in it. You can merge
several Archivist files. You can mark pages, etc....

And YES, it is an easy application with its built-in help support.

Happy archiving!

J.-Robert Thibault
Dept of forest sciences
Faculty or forestry and geomatic
Laval University
Quebec Canada  G1K 7P4


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