Demo disk fiasco

Dr. Chihara Chihara at alm.admin.usfca.edu
Wed Nov 17 15:55:54 EST 1993

In article <9311151756.AA09144 at shiva.psu.edu>
zauhar at SHIVA.PSU.EDU (Dr. Randy Zauhar) writes:

>   Re: the Gene Codes demo disk, 
I feel responsible for the whole mess. Yet I was pleased as punch to
find something that I could offer my students that wouldn't cost them
anything.  Neither they, nor me, at the moment, could come up with the
price of a gene sequencing program.  I thought the response of the
moderator a bit heavy, but I guess I understand the problem.  Who else
would know about this sort of thing?  i.e. a user of the program may or
may not realize that the company is willing to supply demos for this
purpose.  Anyway.  Thanks for the good things on the net, it really
helps someone in a small college, like me!

Dr. Chihara
Chihara at compserv.usfca.edu

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