Cooled CCD cameras

Dag Stenberg stenberg at kruuna.Helsinki.FI
Tue Nov 16 13:24:05 EST 1993

Gabriel Fernandez (fernand at resumix.portal.com) wrote:

> We are looking for Cooled CCD Cameras for a cell image analysis project. 
> The desired camera must have a good sensitivity in the blue spectrum, 
> a resolution of around 1000*1000 pixels, and a pixel rate lower than 16 usec./pel.
> The system must run in a PC - 486. 

Having recently searched the market (incompletely) and purchased a
system, I would like to comment that I find the restriction to PC:s
irrelevant - anybody who can afford such a system must first look to
usability and efficiency, and the cost of another computer including the
effort to learn its basics is negligible.

We finally bought a Photometrics 250-series with a KAF 1400 grade 3 CCD,
and as the three most cost-effective systems were Mac-based, we accepted

An alternative would have been Imaging Research's MCID, which does adapt
to Photometrics, and does run on PC:s.

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